Paris in the 20th Century page 03

Paris in the 20th Century page 3


The line, “Oh bother” is a leftover line from Ana’s British roots.

I was writing a short, six page story for Keri to illustrate (her first comic book work) and  I needed a focus for the story.  Ana retrieving a book seemed like a good base.  Originally the book she was holding was to be a copy of Around the World in 80 Days.  However, when doing a bit of research on Jules Verne, I stumbled across a note about his book, Paris in the 20th Century.  Not only was the book incredibly prosaic, but it was “lost” for almost a century!  I put that book in Ana’s hand, and all of a sudden an entirely different story started to form.  Poor Keri went from drawing a six page story to drawing a 55 page story!

For more information about Jules Verne’s Paris in the 20th Century, click here.

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