Paris in the 20th Century page 05


Pages 1 – 4 were completed for a roll-out in time for Geek Girl Con.  In addition to her duties as artist for this comic, Keri is also the graphic designer for STR.  That means, in addition to creating our awesome logo, designing this fantastic site (and drawing the first four pages of the comic), Keri also had to draw a two page promotional comic with embedded QR codes (which I also tasked her with creating and embedding).  By the time GGC rolled around and everything was in place, we were barely on speaking terms (entirely my fault).

We had a successful launch at GGC, and came home happy.  I called Keri that Monday night and asked her how page 5 was coming along.  I thought she was going to reach through the phone and strangle me!

The second panel of this page is one of my favorites (so far) and her layout on the bottom two-thirds of the page is really a treat.  I try to at least give her something interesting to draw since I keep her on such a tight schedule.

UPDATE: TWO YEARS LATER!!!! The comic is finished and printed! If you want to read more, please visit our store to order your copy, or see us at the next Comic Con to get yours signed. See you at the con!

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