Girls Don’t Poop!

>Today, while picking up comics for this week’s podcast, I stumbled across a mini-comic with a title that could not be denied:

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C’mon. How could anyone avoid that???

Girls Don’t Poop is a comic by Mario van Buren and it set me back $2.00. I have to say, it was two bucks well spent! I immediately shared the comic with my wife and my brother-in-law. Tomorrow it will make the rounds of all the guests at my dinner party. It is that good of a comic! It is the kind of comic that begs to be stuck in your back pocket and showed to everyone on the bus, the subway, and the people in the supermarket

I cannot tell you much about it without giving away the twist ending. I will say that the art is solid, but not spectacular. But, it is the kind of art that fits this book. Think Shel Silverstein crossed with Terry Moore. It deals with a delicate subject, defecation, in a tasteful manner.

The comic is paced well, and it effectively tells the story without any words. I would love to see this comic expanded a bit to be made in to a <a href=””>flip-book</a>. I would buy it again (and maybe even give it as a Christmas present) if it were to show up as a flip-book.

You can purchase this book <a href=””>here</a>. Please do!

Highly recommended!
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