Mass Effect Vol. 3: Invasion

Today’s guest review comes to us from new contributor, Zombie Girl!

While the Grayson Affair ruined relations of the Prohuman Movement Cerberus and Omega’s self-proclaimed leader, Aria wouldn’t let personal matters get in the way of profit.

With Cerberus establishing research bases beyond the Omega-4 mass relay, Aria thought Omega could become a decent supply hub. Unfortunately, so did someone else.

Omega had been a battleground for centuries, but most of those wanting to control it were by those who inhabited it. This time, the invader came from outside the station and hijacked ships from beyond the Omega-4 relay; the fact that a truce was not possible motivated hated enemies to join forces in defense of Omega.

I thought the art in this book was amazing and the storyline was great. I’m a gamer myself, but I have not yet played any Mass Effect games, but this comic made me want to save up my money and buy the game.

Click here for a 7 page preview!


Zombie Girl is 12, enjoys roller Derby, video games, and stalking the undead.

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