My Life in Scribbles

Aaron Brassea writes a daily webcomic.  It is autobiographical.

Generally, I avoid autobiographical web-comics like the plague.  The bubonic plague.  Or some other very contagious ugly plague.  It is like my aversion to manga, but my disdain for manga is unexplainable.

On the other hand I have my reasons for not liking autobiographical web-comics – namely, I don’t find the angst-ridden-art-student-who-needs-to-write-a-webcomic-because-they-are-SO-deep that interesting.  They tend to remind me of Catherine Zeta Jones’ character in High Fidelity – I’m more of a John Cusack or Jack Black in High Fidelity kind of guy.

My Life in Scribbles is a bit different. Brassea is not an art student.  Nor is he particularly angst ridden.  He is just a normal guy – married with a daughter and a dog (I believe he plays in a band as well).  My Life in Scribbles is just bits of his day and, as a result, it is sometimes funny, sometimes plain, sometimes exciting.  Just like life.

Overall I have really been enjoying My Life in Scribbles despite my initial aversion to it (being an autobiographical webcomic).  Don’t expect every day to be funny, or cute, or sweet and just take the bio-snippets as they come.

As a side note, I met Aaron, his wife, and his daughter at Stumptown Comic Fest and his daughter is incredibly cute.

Read it at or available in two volumes of collections via Amazon.


Matt Wells is an all around standup guy.  He has served in many capacities here at STR, from editor, to writer, to legal council.  Needless to say that his views on manga do not reflect those of the rest of the STR staff.  But, we can’t disagree with him too vehemently or else he will sue our asses.  He said so.  And we believe him.

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