I wasn’t a big fan of the early waves of Image comics.  They seemed like a lot of flash and not a lot of substance.  But Gen13 was different.  While the story was pretty simple and straight forward, the action, adventure, and relationships between the characters was a lot of fun!  It was like a monthly installment of a popcorn action flick.  Prodigal is that same kind of comic.

“Rough week for Jacinto & Lennox Retrievals. Monday: The Egg of First Light is stolen. Tuesday: J&L are hired to retrieve it. By Thursday alien magic, super assassins, and Armageddon stand between them and their payday. Friday: Ka-Boom?!”

Prodigal is straight-up fun and an action-packed thrill ride.  Prodigal starts off at a gallop and just speeds up from there.  At no time does it ever slow down and let the reader take a breath – Genre 19 just keeps pumping up the tension and action!  This is balls to the wall storytelling!

That balls to the wall approach means that the reader never has a chance to question anything that is going on in the story. There is never a chance to give up the suspension of disbelief required for comics; this is a good thing since the creators push the credibility  of the story to the breaking point.  However, they manage to pull it back from the edge and give the story a satisfying resolution that makes the reader smile, wipe their brow, and say, Damn!”

I’m not sure how the creative team of Genre 19 (Geoffrey Thorne & Todd Harris) have managed to not be discovered and snatched up for higher profile projects.  The art and storytelling in Prodigal work together like a well-oiled machine.  They seem like they would be a perfect fit for a book by the big two. But I’m glad they have not!  Indie comics needs more creators to keep producing this level of work!

Genre 19 has a new book, Journeyman, coming out from Dark Horse later this year.  It will definitely be on my read list.  If it is even half as much fun as Prodigal, it will be well worth it!

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