Unicorn Being a Jerk

Today’s guest review is done by the lovely and talented Moe.  Moe is my faithful companion and voice of reason.

When I get dragged, I mean, “go willingly” to the comic shop with my husband, I usually spend most of my time looking at the self-published books.  At most of the independently owned shops in Portland, there is a shelf or box dedicated to these little gems.  My goal is simple – find something that amuses me.  If I can’t find anything there, I start seeking out the most unusual book I can find.  And like last weekend, I usually find sometime good.

Unicorn Being a Jerk by C.W.Moss was one such find.

Yes, I judged the book by it’s cover.  A unicorn with a rainbow horn standing in front of a wall of his own portraits – you have to open the book and see what this is about.

What I found was a collection of Mister Unicorn being a jerk to people.  Some of it was Mister Unicorn doing something mean to someone. Trying to look at a breast-feeding woman’s nipple:

Sometimes it is Mister Unicorn doing very bad things – like putting kittens in a microwave:

Each one-liner is accompanied by a great picture depicting the act of Mister Unicorn being a jerk.

I’m sure some could find this book offensive.  But, seeing this magical creature doing horrible things is, well, funny for those of us with twisted minds.  And this person with a twisted mind laughed her ass off.  I have used this book to make people laugh.  I have used images in this book to weird out my daughter.  It’s a book that keeps on giving.

The book has also inspired me to use Mister Unicorn to brighten people’s day by placing him in situations where he is continuing to be a jerk. “Mister Unicorn likes going into network wire closet and randomly unplug one of the network cables” was what he did to brighten my IT friend’s day.  Or “Likes to give presents of kittens in plastic bags” was for another.  Mister Unicorn’s acts of jerkdom has inspired and entertained many a person since it’s purchase.

So, if you have a twisted mind and/or simply need a laugh, check out Unicorn Being a Jerk.  You won’t be disappointed.

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