The trouble with many anthologies is that they are wildly inconsistent.  There may be one or two good stories (if you are lucky) or one good artist (if you are really lucky.  It is a rare occurrence where the good outweighs the bad, and an almost unheard of occurrence when the entire anthology is good.

But then again, the story of Womanthology is is pretty unique itself.

Womanthology, for the five people left out there who do not know this story, was a Kickstarter project which rapidly exceeded any of its wildest funding expectations.  Along the way it raised several questions about the role of editors of anthologies, the responsibilities of Kickstarter project coordinators, and the actual mechanics of the Kickstarter program itself.  One thing that no-one ever questioned was the quality of the creators involved.

The creative professionals contributing pieces to Womanthology reads like a Who’s Who of female creators in the comic industry.  Don’t believe me?  Check out this list!

It would be impossible to go through each and every one of the stories and pin-ups in this 300 page book and review them.  So, allow me to say that the quality of the stories in this book are superb.  The professional quality comes through in every piece.

Just as Womanthology gave even more focus to Kickstarter as a funding mechanism, it has the opportunity to give attention to lesser known female creators.  It is a testament to the quality of the amateur creators who were paired up with pro’s, as it is difficult (if not impossible at times) to distinguish between who does this for a living and who does this in their spare time.  The quality is high across the board.

Each creator takes the term “Heroic” and interprets it how she see’s fit.  It could be something as obvious as a woman donning a cape and mask to fight crime, or as subtle as a girl finding the strength and courage to overcome her own insecurities.  In Womanthology, even the private acts of heroism are celebrated.

As a final note, the term “Heroic” takes on one more aspect with this book.  Profits from the book will go to the Global Giving Foundation.  According to the Womanthology site, “[t]hey are a website dedicated to helping small charities from all over the world find funding. Once the book is finished, our profits will go to as many of these charities as we can help, focusing on one at a time until their funding goal is met.”

Here is a guided tour of the book by editor Renae De Liz:

You can find Womanthology at your local comic shop today!!!

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