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Shadowman Gets the Valiant Masters Treatment in May

People are always amazed that a “new” company like Valiant is able to recruit top-flight talent like Joshua Dysart, Robert Venditti, and Fred van Lente. However, looking back over some of the names listed in these “Valiant Masters” is truly … Continue reading

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Indie Comic Review: The Strain

At SDCC ’11, Dark Horse announced three new titles from established creators outside the comic medium. There was House of Night by P.C. Cast, Orchid by Tom Morello, and The Strain from Guiellermo Del Toro. The first two series were … Continue reading

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David Lapham Launches Dan the Unharmable at Avatar

Am I the only one who just wishes David Lapham would return to Stray Bullets?  Now that he has experienced some more mainstream success and exposure with his Avatar titles, couldn’t he find six months to take off and pound … Continue reading

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Lapham Goes Feral

Avatar Press proudly announced the latest addition to its expanding line of horror fiction with the ongoing monthly FERALS series, written by David Lapham (Stray Bullets, Crossed 3D).  Featuring Gabriel Andrade (Lady Death) on art, FERALS is the carnage-filled tale … Continue reading

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( Not So) Breaking News: Dark Horse Announces New Titles From Tom Morell, Guielmo Del Toro, and PC Cast

Note: Due to technical issues, the following post was delayed for 18 hours.  Our apologies.  The issue is fixed and we are up and at ‘em with current news and interviews. Preview Night at SDCC has lived up to its … Continue reading

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